The Warlock Haunted House Floor Plans (House Layout #1)


The haunted house game. I was Professor long fellow. A Gaelic Black magician and Mad professor. We read from the Seance magik manual, Jenni LeClerc did a white magic blessings to keep me in the bedroom so My Black Magik was neutralized a bit. I  wanted to have some trained witches and warlocks to do these things right.Occupy the whole place top to bottom with trained Haunted house staff, with a dominatrix suppervising the servants quarters with a luxurious Queen sized medieval bed and her consorts who are witches that are a covenant of three.  Full of fury and lust and sin. The sounds of sexual congress between the Warlock runnning the haunted walk in closet and Crypt fill the house and we live life without shame, no shame.

        There was an idea to convert the attic and have someone evoke the attic energy, consult a stone mason to get the pentagram etched, then I will assemble pentagrams made of Birch brances, THen  clear out the store room for a ritual area for Sex magik, I can supervise the crypt. I will keep the Haunted walk in closet Haunted and use the spare unused bag on rib bones, spines, Jawbones, and vertebrae made into scuptures. I use the bones under my bed to donate to a new crypt that is in construction. There is a tower and the top. Good engineering says  build the tower narrow and have a full time area where Ravens nest.  Hang up Framed Drawings Of Ravens to compliment the Actual Ravens under the command or The warlock.

        The pentagram chamber needs a skilled mason with etching implements and Rubber mallets to etch a perfect geometric Pentagram for rituals. The pentagram chamber is also a place or darkness. and a candle lights on stone mounts spaced 8-10 feet along each wall. Preferably candles placed and Some Music is played and magik begins. I will do the custom pentagram and Raven Drawings, as well as a series or charcoal drawings to complement the Black Walls for the Crypt. Renovate the attic for a witch’s sleeping quarters and convert the haunted kitchen pantry into a mirrored Warlock spare bedroom for beautiful house guests and mistresses. Summon the spirit energy to charm the lovely Sexy witches with wild eyes. Our love and affection takes the form of whatever we feel the carnal urge to do.  The tower could also be turned into a Site to view planetary and star alignments and interpret the roll of the Stone dice. This could be used then have a seating area, A large bed and black painted walls of course throughout every square foot. I will stick to the engineering and floor plans. and do murals throughout the house. Install canvases and mount the bones to resemble a strange Chandaliere.

          Also mount the mojo hands onto a Wraught iron candle holder to showcase my bone necklaces. Landscaped graveyard in the backyard with a crypt as well.Commisioned Stone demon/gargoyle statues dotting the hallways. Also install Small dining area with modern kitchen Decorate t

the Front doors with hand caste Silver Knockers and Also Bone wind chimes on the Widow’s peak. This is a darker representation of a traditional Flower basket. Have Wraught iron Gates on the top of the first wooden stairs. Closing the exterior ot the Widow’s peak, The tower will also be used also as a library and editing booth.


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