DOOM METAL TRIBUNE Riccochet/Zaum/BLack Tooth Grin (fox den) Sydney NS June 14th, the night after the full moon


                                                       DOOM METAL TRIBUNE


       Let me just start by saying that the Magikal universe is real. Look I didn’t just show up to the gig to do DOOM METAL SECURITY spontaneously. I could feel the energy and that the Two Doom mantra metal musicians were strong senders in a Magikal way. So I felt they must have chanted or invoked some sort of energy probably from my sacred Spiritual site which is An area of abandoned horse cart trails winding along the beautiful but unforgiving coast of the East side of the island. The area of “Baleine road” is alive with coyote packs and large hawks and osprey I think, also a large bird colony on a rock island just off the shore, the spirit energy that I feel when I am there is overwhelming and Raw. They must have wanted to see for themselves. I have collected many items and bones from this sacred area. They must have tapped into the frantic energy field of the coastline. So when I saw the post for someone to do security and check ID’s and pick up empties, it was not the money or the interest in working the door. I felt drawn to attend the show. I had a feeling I was supposed to attend for Black Magik ritual purposes, money, as you know is not the true motivation for a Black Magik practitioner. I showed up and exchanged a couple drawings for a CD The strange part is that upon opening up the CD and reading the notes transcribed from a Russian futurist I realized they made reference to a man wielding a spear. The album was released on Friday the 13th in Moncton by two musicians I don’t know. So by giving them the art with the mayan priest with the spear, I was letting them know I am a warlock from another dimension, functioning on intuition and otherworldly realms.

      By showing up to participate in the summoning the ancients, I was letting people know that When I am called I will appear. So I arrive during Ricochet’s set. And as per usual they tore the set up driving forward with the solid tightness that comes with playing a shit load of sets, Great set overall. They have the ability to play a punk set like they are just taking out the trash.

   Now as good as the Black tooth Grinn set was at the end to close out. I am going to focus on the “Zaum” set. First off the lyrics are experimentations based on Russian futurist poet ALeksei Kruchenykh’s writings circa 1913. The music is influenced by this poet’s musings and then reinterpreted by The Doom Mantra musicians. Such an effective musical tool to provide me with the guidance to stay strong and hold my head high as an ancient Norse priest. The same way I reinterpret the whole reason I attended and all the Magik that surrounds men who are from another dimension that is not a realm that many can grasp. I did the mayan 8 by 10 print way before this album, and had no idea what the lyrics contained, but I will post a photo of my art pertaining to the great track called “OMEN” the last song on the “Oracles” album.  So here it is transcribed

                                                            ” OMEN”

“God speed to those among us. Thous shalt commence with speech ground troops will defend thee. Pillage all who dare to sleep. thy fathers fate shall take flight for his tongue is blasphemy. Gaze upward toward a hazed sky. The spear shall end his cree. Wise man speaks the end of his days. He ascends to sew the seed. Rise above all those who follow. The kings of eternity red shrine erected in place. Brings forth a celestial priest. Speak not but of the ancients. Black floods desecrate your seed. Chambers of the flame guard the secrets in the remains. Promise placed upon the man who seeketh retribution. Fragments inform portioned words ascend a funeral fire. Concealed a truth from an absent man of zion”

   I interpret that Omen to mean that I was sent to claim the throne of the ancients, and carry on the traditions of a warlock. Worshiping nature and distrusting man, until he or she reveals their intent or their malice. I walk in through the trees, I absorb the “Vril” and vital energy of all of the animals. The full moon invocation on the sacred Louisbourg coast worked, I knew I was one of the few who see things and understand that nature is truth. How is it possible that I gave the spear priest drawing to my fellow ancients. Well if you believe in Magik and are a practitioner and in tune with your secret self you can absorb reality and spirits and energy to be able to function on a much higher plane of existence. So that is my interpretation of why I did this drawing without knowing about the “Omen.” That is how I interpret the poetry. It is prophecy and I guess that makes us prophets.

*** Original Full Moon Mayan Priest drawing by “The Schizo Kid” (8 by 10) India ink***


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