Merlin the Crack wizard of Portland Street..and Shirtless Hacksaw Jim Duggan down by the laundromat

2014-04-30 14.43.30Merlin…The Crack wizard. Pumping loonies into the greedy machines. Well actually, He is not a degenerate crack wizard… Merlin and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are genius “Mehod Actors.”  They disappear into the role and never come out. Like Daniel Day Lewis in “Gangs of New York”…Up at 4am maybe shoot some smack…drink some moonshine…then wander to the Robin’s parking lot…Incoherantly jabbering to all the customers. I remember looking at the fuckin’ hyperbolic maytag dryer…and thinking, FUCK..keep an eye on your fuckin’ tees and fuckin’ underwear…hacksaw Jim Duggan has no shirt..Fuck..he is a method acting genius…Give him a fuckin’ wide fuckin’ berth for fuck sakes….Then I almost called the fuckin’ HRM fire dept.   They are roasting fuckin’ hyperbolic beans..prob from one of the Civet monkeys..$89 dollars a fuckin’ cup. I am in a “schizokid” panic pacing in front of Bluenose Laundromat on Cunard Street.


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