Scorpio Moon child Postal delivery service vol. 9

Scopio moon Child Postal/Email postcard. This bat will faithfully annoy your email inboxs in galleries from Coast to coast. JPEGS EXPLODE, STORMS APPEAR..but still the art continues. I actually incoporated a company Schizo kid Inc in 2014. Was jeered by mental helath consumers and mental health care workers for my choice of pen name you name it. I will say, as the weirdo in charge; we are opporerating well below the poverty line and making art at a break neck warp speed. We are moving at a fucking snail’s pace financially. But fuck, I just tap the fucking enter button and the bat appears signifying that you are in for a strange visual experience with me as your grizzled and jaded guide.Would you care to look? I think having a bat in charge defers me to the rank of meanial janitor and drum maniac and head in charge of bone jewelry assembly. Please accept these strange jpegs as proof that I need to leave the siberia of the art world immediately!


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