I decided to donate an original art piece to the Penis museum in Iceland

Not sure if you are aware but there is an actual penis museum in Iceland and I did a series of Berserkers and Norse warriors and one of the drawings just looked like a perfectly erect phallus. I thought since I have the original high def scan I will make up some prints and frame one up and donate it to them. Maybe they will admire it or smash it to pieces, which is actually happened to me early in my art career as an outcast weirdo. I thought surely these people seem to have a sense of humor. So, I researched it online and am raising funds from prints and posters to make this a reality. The other person I spoke to on the topic suggested I approach the Scandinavian S&M Community and see if it is at all marketable. I can actually seeing this aspect of my art resonating really well….or ahhh vibrating

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