Went dressed as “myself” to Capercon

On the bright side I went to Capercon dressed as myself and was complimented on my Vampire costume. Got an amazing deer bone for an amulet and three amazing prints including a really amazing india ink “Hand of glory” to add to my collection of strangeness, I am doing Adult Film review which should get interesting, I might enter the costume contest so I can eat supper. I Have consult some Luciferian priest and If I can travel back in time to 2pm. I will be able to eat supper and win the contestThe story writes itself. I Am currently inerfering with electronics in the ballroom, somebody hexed the projection screen. I well later barter with Luciferians and play blackjack but for now day old bagels and animation screenings, I think an elf hexed me but it could have been that I already let two witches hex me last week to make sure I am 100% deomonically possessed.

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