Two new “Jormungandr” serpent drawings for sale/trade

First drawing contains a Wynn or “Wind Rune”from the “Earth family” of Runes, symbolizing Harmony, kinship and heritage and the compost bin blew over three times during the process of the drawing, so i thought it was appropriate. The second one contains a Man or “Human Rune” from the “Heaven family” of Runes symbolizing the self, modesty and creativity. India ink post card size drawings

Amulets/Art Available for Sale/Barter/trade

These are two “Jormungandr” serpent drawings postcard size india ink. The first contains a Man or “Human Rune” from the “Heaven family” of Runes symbolizing the self, modesty & creativity. The Second contains a Wind Rune from the “Earth family” of Runes symbolizing Harmony and the fact that the compost bin blew over three times during the course of the drawing, so I thought it was appropriate.


“Ramesses” A re-interpretation

Once I started to draw and get inspired by the theories and speculation about Ramesses being of alien origin and not human at all. I drew from a stone carving of Ramesses and to me it is Ramesseses unadorned but more than likely by the shape of the head “Ramesses” is of alien origin which I am sure will spark debate. I tried to collage the original drawing by using layered images of the same image and tampering with the images. Using the images to storyboard into a short story eventually.


Iceland Phallological Museum Donation

Thanks to all the kind folks that came to the art opening, I have enough funding for the project. There are two conflicting addresses stationed at two seperate contact info links. I am sending them two seperate tubes, both will secretly include some sort of positive energy love sigil, but it will be glued to the inside and hidden from sight. One address I figure is “Loki” or possibly “Bjork” playing astral chess. The other will actually research the Museum. They may see this drawing that I am developing for the German Sex toy industry as a gift or they may send some sort of hyperbolic mega sigil that ignites the mailbox or astrally gets bermuda triangled into some sort of portal never to be seen again. They may also bindrune me with some sort of sigil disguised as a Walrus tusk, which was considered the most valuable thing on earth, way more valuable than silver or gold. As long as the tusk doesn’t exede some sort of ridiculous customs parameters we are gold. I have just received message via Raven Cackle that the sigil was not activated and that customs may have an issue, but we are looking into possible ways to disguise the Tusk, maybe a giant hat, or mailed with a Gold club cozy on the end, a really fancy dress, possibly carved into a sex toy,disguised as a mannequin arm. Possibilties are limited but efficient and the engineering of the tube was designed by some deranged German carbon fiber expert who’s tubes are so well engineered occasionally one of the tubes if lost from air mail can actually fly using some sort of Vril technology and actually flys directly to your mailbox like a homing pigeon. This as I discussed with Sabrina brings our cost structure lower, leaving room for me to do 2 copies of Drawing at Staples and haggle over Contrast Psi and Ink discrepencies, then reappear at a later date with something even weirder. The Centipede X-mas card blitz will be in full effect. My plan is to randomly insert a few cards in random stores in the Holiday section and have them on hand as my go to stationary or maybe to mail them to random addresses and see where they where they end up.


Went dressed as “myself” to Capercon

On the bright side I went to Capercon dressed as myself and was complimented on my Vampire costume. Got an amazing deer bone for an amulet and three amazing prints including a really amazing india ink “Hand of glory” to add to my collection of strangeness, I am doing Adult Film review which should get interesting, I might enter the costume contest so I can eat supper. I Have consult some Luciferian priest and If I can travel back in time to 2pm. I will be able to eat supper and win the contestThe story writes itself. I Am currently inerfering with electronics in the ballroom, somebody hexed the projection screen. I well later barter with Luciferians and play blackjack but for now day old bagels and animation screenings, I think an elf hexed me but it could have been that I already let two witches hex me last week to make sure I am 100% deomonically possessed.

Scorpion Drawing, exploring “Pentimal System” Numerals

My birthday is coming and as much as I loath them I did a Scorpion drawing modeled from a California Adult female Scientific specimen. The numerals Traditional Scandinavian “Pentimal system.”  These numerals were interestingly longer in length and quite stricking.A combination of “Spirit pond” and “Kensington” 28 for the day of my birth and 17 for 2017. Going to tattoo on my body somewhere, haven’t decided where. 8 5″ x 11″” india ink

I decided to donate an original art piece to the Penis museum in Iceland

Not sure if you are aware but there is an actual penis museum in Iceland and I did a series of Berserkers and Norse warriors and one of the drawings just looked like a perfectly erect phallus. I thought since I have the original high def scan I will make up some prints and frame one up and donate it to them. Maybe they will admire it or smash it to pieces, which is actually happened to me early in my art career as an outcast weirdo. I thought surely these people seem to have a sense of humor. So, I researched it online and am raising funds from prints and posters to make this a reality. The other person I spoke to on the topic suggested I approach the Scandinavian S&M Community and see if it is at all marketable. I can actually seeing this aspect of my art resonating really well….or ahhh vibrating

Scorpio Moon child Postal delivery service vol. 9

Scopio moon Child Postal/Email postcard. This bat will faithfully annoy your email inboxs in galleries from Coast to coast. JPEGS EXPLODE, STORMS APPEAR..but still the art continues. I actually incoporated a company Schizo kid Inc in 2014. Was jeered by mental helath consumers and mental health care workers for my choice of pen name you name it. I will say, as the weirdo in charge; we are opporerating well below the poverty line and making art at a break neck warp speed. We are moving at a fucking snail’s pace financially. But fuck, I just tap the fucking enter button and the bat appears signifying that you are in for a strange visual experience with me as your grizzled and jaded guide.Would you care to look? I think having a bat in charge defers me to the rank of meanial janitor and drum maniac and head in charge of bone jewelry assembly. Please accept these strange jpegs as proof that I need to leave the siberia of the art world immediately!


An abstraction of “Eikpyrnir”

“Eikpyrnir” is the stag that stands on Valhallha. In this piece I included “Loki’s sigil” and two moons representing the shapeshifting abilities of Loki and the past “Urd” the “Verdandi” “What is coming” and “Skuld” “What shall be” as decided by “the Norns.” I wanted to represent Loki’s mischievous nature visually. (20″ by 20″) inverted photo edit. I am working on a series of inverted versions of originals.